Listed below are Mike’s various books

Passing Strange,       Surpassing Strange,         Murder Music,

Space Cat,    Scapes,      A Slam Poetry Manual,     Counting Backward From Infinity,

Chronicles of Frank,        and     Lone Star Heart

are available as print books from,, or this website.

Passing Strange,     Surpassing Strange,      Murder Music,     Space Cat

Chronicles of Frank,      & Counting Backward From Infinity

 are also available as Kindle ebooks on

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Passing Strange ($10); Surpassing Strange ($10); Murder Music ($15);

Scapes ($10); Lone Star Heart ($20); Space Cat ($15)

A Slam Poetry Manual, Counting Backward From Infinity,

and all other chap books ($8).

Postage and taxes are included in all prices listed.

Send your check to: Michael Baldwin, 10148 Fieldcrest Drive, Benbrook, TX 76126

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Murder Music

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 “Scapes includes landscapes, heartscapes, mindscapes and soulscapes, but there are no escapes.”

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A Slam Poetry Manual was published by the American Library Association

in 2003, and sold several thousand copies to libraries and individuals for slam poetry contests.

Lone Star Heart

my book of Texas poetry

was published by Lamar University Literary Press in 2016

Click here to buy Lone Star Heart on Amazon:

“Whether the reader is a Texan or someone with no knowledge of the state, Lone Star Heart will bring new insights and warm, sublime meditative moments, indeed, the book, when taken as a whole, could be understood as one long meditation. The narrative poems, some poignantly personal, like his powerful elegiac tribute to his father and his daughter, Kite Kin, are full of factual insights and accented with Johnny Bowen’s heart-felt paintings. Baldwin, whose poems I have been privileged to enjoy reading for the many years he has been perfecting his art, are always fully informed close observations of the natural world sprinkled with the mystical—landscapes of the physical and the ineffable.”

                                                           Dave Parsons, 2011 Texas Poet Laureate


Chronicles of Frank ecover

Chronicles of Frank, Some Short Tall Tales of A Texas Rancher, contains seven short stories and six cartoon illustrations for them by my friend and wonderful cartoonist, Gary Miller. It was published by Inner Eye Press in 2016, and is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.

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Counting Backward from Infinity

Mike’s book of science-based poetry won the Morris Chapbook

Award of the Alabama Poetry Society in 2012.



Why is the Speed of Light So Slow?
Mike’s first compilation of science-based poems.


When the Bill of Rights Comes Due
Mike’s volume of political and social issues poetry.


The Sublime Landscape

Mike’s volume of poetry based on the paintings of his long-time friend,

Johnny Bowen, for an exhibit of Bowen’s paintings in 2009.


Cosmic Questions
Mike’s volume of poems based on philosophy, religion, and spirituality.


The Tang Horse Laughs
Mike’s volume of ekphrastic poetry, based on the arts.


The Earth Will Always Know the Truth
Mike’s volume of nature poetry.


Les Fleurs de L'Amour
Mike’s first poetry chapbook.


Stand and Deliver
Mike’s collection of his slam poetry.