January 24, 2018
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Mike’s Poem To Be In Mutabilis Press Anthology
Mike’s poem Leaf Laughter will be included in the 2015 anthology of Mutabilis Press of Houston. Here is the poem: Leaf Laughter Elms and oaks and tupelos unleaving, ...

View My Murder Music Video
My brother, Tim, created a promo video for my novel, Murder Music. It’s now available for viewing on this website. Click on the publications tab and scroll down ...

Mike’s Poem Published In Harbinger Asylum
My poem, Bird’s Eye View, was selected for publication in the Spring, 2015, edition of the literary journal, Harbinger Asylum. It publishes some very nice modern art work ...

AIPF Was A Blast
I attended Austin International Poetry Festival, April 9-12. My poem, In Case of Emergency, Read Poem, was selected for the AIPF Anthology. I will append it to the ...

On The Importance Of Literature
This is an essay I wrote for Plano Profile Magazine while an administrator for Plano Public Library back in 1985. I think this essay is still relevant today. ...

Welcome, friends and readers, to my author website. I will try to make it both interesting and enlightening for you to visit from time to time. You will ...
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