Mike’s Poem Published In Harbinger Asylum

Mike’s Poem Published In Harbinger Asylum

My poem, Bird’s Eye View, was selected for publication in the Spring, 2015, edition of the literary journal, Harbinger Asylum. It publishes some very nice modern art work along with edgy poetry and provocative short stories. Here’s my poem:

Bird’s Eye View

 Have you ever heard a muffled thump

against a window, and seeking, found a feathered

lump upon the ground, and took it in your hand

and felt its heartbeat fast and fluttering against your fingers,

and find then its eye upon you, black and bright as a fallen

star still sizzling, and did the innate gravity of that dark orb

whelm you, unflesh you, draw you down into its starless depths,

to feel yourself encompassed only by compressing darkness,

horizoned then only by the edges of some endless dream,

your crouching mind gone gurgling from its meager

confinement to dwell among myriad strangers, yet alone

and naked, wandering thru vacant, vaguely familiar

buildings, inhabiting their walls, entrapped by shadows

in a sunless clime, in an ever ticking yet endless time,

unvoiced, unheard, unknowing if you are dreaming, until,

engulfed in some unknown anxiety, almost drowning,

trembling with nameless fear, you feel your heart

beat fast and fluttering against some prisoning palm?

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