Michael Baldwin

Welcome, friends and readers, to my author website.

I will try to make it both interesting and enlightening for you to visit from time to time. You will find here all the books I have written, including many that are only available here. At your request, I will be glad to sign any books sold thru my website. Also, be sure to look for special offers and prices on items sold via this website.

I plan to use my website not only to market my books, but also to promote ideas (mine and others’) to make America and the world better for everyone. My work as a public librarian, as a professor of Political Science, and as a writer has always been involved with ideas and helping people understand them. This website will continue that effort. Ideas are the essence of civilization.

I will be delighted to receive your responses to my writings and will post them on this website if I think they will be of interest to visitors here. Civil disagreement (as well as questions, comments, and amiable concurrence) is encouraged if you have a well-argued response to something I post.

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. I look forward to corresponding with you.